Jesse Smith
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"My clients absolutely love Pride Aftercare! Each and every one of them have been super surprised as to how quick their tattoos have healed up while using Pride. It's a comforting feeling knowing that I can send my clients out the door with everything they need to heal my tattoos properly:)"

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  Loose Screw Tattoo Richmond, VA
  Missy Rhysing
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"Pride Ointment has quickly become my favorite tattoo lubricant. I'm excited to have found an alternative to A&D ointment with natural ingredients, that isn't greasy and doesn't remove my stencil as I work. My clients find it soothing and I find it easy to work with. A truly great product!

After healing my own tattoos with Pride Aftercare, I feel confident offering it to my clients as well. The formulas are easy to use, gentle on the skin, and my tattoos heal beautifully with Pride. My clients love how soothing the ointment and lotion is, and how quickly their tattoos heal while using Pride."

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  Ritual Tattoo & Gallery Denver, CO
  Chris Saint Clark
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 “It is imperative to have a solid aftercare product to heal black and gray work. I have noticed over the years that some aftercare products can heal black and gray too harshly and even make the black dull. When other products can heal too hard I turn to Pride aftercare to heal all of my black and gray.  It heals quick and smooth without jeopardizing even the lightest of values." 

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  Kustom Thrills Tattoo Nashville, TN
  Ryan Hadley
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 "I've been using Pride Aftercare from the start, and by far this is the more effective ointment and tattoo lotion out there!! Color stays brighter and black and gray holds the clarity in the deep blacks and the softness in the gray wash. I stand behind this product 100%."  

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  Ryan Hadley Studio Fort Wayne, IN
  Coty Vondracek
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 "Ever since I started providing my clients with Pride Aftercare, I've noticed a big difference in the way my tattoos heal, and my clients have noticed too. The color stays more vibrant and even my clients with sensitive skin are very comfortable with using Pride Aftercare. As an artist I only want to provide my clients with the best aftercare for their tattoos, that's why I recommend Pride. " 

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  Envision Tattoo Grand Terrace, CA
  Dave Kruseman
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  "Pride Aftercare is definitely a product i can recommend and feel good about! Pride Aftercare has shown a reliable and consistent quality of heal and has provided my customers with a great alternative. I recommend this product to any shop for all their tattoo aftercare needs! " 

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  Forever Yours Tattoo Gallery Atlanta, GA
  Will Gonzales
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  "I was seeking a new natural product to actually heal My tattoos and my clients, one without the petroleum ingredient, which I feel just clogs pores and sits on the skin hindering natural healing. I had used just about every product on the market, when I discovered PRIDE aftercare. The whole aftercare line-up is natural and petroleum-free, so I am without hesitance to recommend it to my clientele. Tatsoul only provides the best for us - and their products prove this. They take their work as serious as we do, and as fellow craftsmen I feel their passion."

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  Loose Screw Tattoo Richmond, VA